DAV Magazine — March/April 2018
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Give and you shall receive

Charitable gift annuities provide veteran’s widow with fixed income for life, charitable deductions

When you meet Emogene Howerton, you immediately know you’ve made a lifelong friend. Howerton enjoys the little things in a big way and has made simplicity the motto of her life. Without being prompted, she’ll tell you she’s living out her lifelong dream in her quaint, oneroom efficiency, surrounded by neighbors and friends she’s grown to love. At 89 years old, she’s mastered the concept of living every day to the fullest.

That’s why her annual birthday present to herself is such a big deal. Each one of the yearly special gifts she’s made since she learned that she was eligible to participate in the DAV Charitable Service Trust’s charitable gift annuity (CGA) program has been a win-win for her.

Howerton is able to experience the personal fulfillment of helping the Trust continue on its mission of empowering veterans to lead highquality lives with respect and dignity while also enjoying the many benefits of her annuity.

With her gift annuity, she receives attractive fixed payments, largely tax-free, that she’ll continue to get for the rest of her life. With each gift, she also gets to take a one-time charitable deduction, and we have proudly recognized her for her generosity in our legacy society, the DAV Guardian Society. She enjoys all this while also honoring the memory of her beloved late husband, whom she fondly recalls getting the skills he needed for his lifelong career through his service in the military.

Many people think only veterans can participate in this program, but you can do a CGA through the Trust as long as you meet the minimum requirements: being 60 or older, having $10,000 to establish the gift annuity, and having a desire to support injured and ill veterans.

If, like Howerton, you would like to experience the personal fulfillment of making a legacy gift during your lifetime while also enjoying the benefits of a gift annuity, contact us today about taking out your own CGA through the Trust. One of our staff members would be happy to send you an illustration or discuss your personal options. With a gift annuity through the Trust, you will be leaving a legacy of hope and compassion for the deserving men and women who have sacrificed so much for us.