DAV Magazine — March/April 2018
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1ST CAVALRY DIVISION ASSN. June 20–24, Charleston, WV, Contact: Dara Wydler, Ph: 254-547-6537, Email: firstcav@1cda.org, Web: 1cda.org

1ST MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BATTALION (ARS) May 17–19, San Antonio, TX, Contact: Don Skinner, Ph: 503-648-6059, Email: donsk@frontier.com

4TH BATTALION, 39TH INFANTRY REGIMENT, 9TH INFANTRY DIVISION, VIETNAM 1966-67 Aug. 15–18, Colorado Springs, CO, Contact: Jim Haines, Ph: 303-809-1815, Email: Lzbearcat67@live.com

5TH ENGINEER BATTALION DESERT STORM VETERANS June 22–24, St. Robert, MO, Contact: Barry R. Moose Jr., Email: brmoosejr@gmail.com, Web: facebook.com/groups/ 5thengineerbattaliondesertstormvets

7/17 AIR CAVALRY July 25–29, Branson, MO, Contact: Joe Wirth, Ph: 201-390-5350, Email: joseph.wirth@yahoo.com

30TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGIMENT ASSN. 100TH ANNIVERSARY (ALL YEARS) June 12–16, Fort Sill/ Lawton, OK, Contact: Dan Mitchell, Ph: 405-618-6441, Email: countyhonorguard@yahoo.com

34TH ENGINEER BATTALION, VIETNAM April 26–28, Shreveport, LA, Contact: Harold Woodard, Ph: 318-218-0186, Email: hrwoodard49@gmail.com

76 ENGINEER CONSTRUCTION BATTALION REUNION April 26–29, Lebanon, TN, Contact: Richard Cerone, Ph: 207-647-3877

101 AIRBORNE DIVISION HAMBURGER HILL May 14–18, Fort Campbell, KY/Clarksville, TN, Contact: Tom Martin, Ph: 856-332-7030, Email: tomsmail96@yahoo.com, Web: HamburgerHill.org

121ST AVIATION COMPANY REUNION April 24–26, Williamsburg, VA, Contact: John Schmied, Ph: 352-633-0541, Email: johnschmied@yahoo.com

720TH MILITARY POLICE BATTALION, 615TH MILITARY POLICE COMPANY, 188TH MILITARY POLICE COMPANY, 212TH MILITARY POLICE COMPANY May 25–29, Arlington, VA, Contact: Peter Schroeter, Ph: 973-956-1038, Email: PetethePlumber@optonline.net, Web: 720mpreunion.org

2018 US ARMY OFFICER CANDIDATE SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSN. REUNION March 25–29, Columbus, GA, Contact: Nancy Ionoff, Ph: 813-917-4309, Web: ocsalumni.org

ABU COMPANY, 1-327 INFANTRY, 101 AIRBORNE DIVISION May 23, Fort Campbell, KY, Contact: Billy R. Robbins, Ph: 252-382-2300, Email: abuonezero@gmail.com

ALPHA COMPANY 2/501ST 101ST AIRBORNE DIVISIONVIETNAM June 4–7, Gettysburg, PA, Contact: Jim Sims, Ph: 502-510-3921, Email: misims76@yahoo.com

ANNUAL VIETNAM VETERANS LINE HAUL REUNION May 1–6, Pigeon Forge, TN, Contact: Wesley Taylor, Ph: 904-335-7402, Email: vietnam566th@yahoo.com

DELTA TROOP BLACKHAWKS 7/1 AIR CAVALRY May 17–19, Fort Knox, KY, Contact: Joe Vernengo, Ph: 586-337-3334, Email: jvern106@comcast.net

INFANTRY OCS CLASS 6-65 March 26–29, Fort Benning, GA, Contact: Grady Smith, Email: smithga@verizon.net or Dave Schollman, Email: daveschollmanllc@aol.com

PHU BAI CONNECTION, 513TH MAINTENANCE BATTALION, 50TH REUNION May 12, Boston, MA, Contact: Joseph Stavolta, Ph: 781-454-9956, Email: stav01@verizon.net

VIETNAM-DUSTERS, QUADS, SEARCHLIGHTS, VULCANS AND HAWKS 36TH ANNUAL REUNION June 5–10, Gettysburg, PA, Contact: Bruce Geiger, Ph: 914-576-1050, Email: bmgeiger@aol.com, Web: ndqsa.com


1ST BATTALION, 27TH MARINE REGIMENT (ALL 27TH BATTALIONS & SUPPORTING UNITS WELCOME) July 18–22, Alexandria, VA, Contact: Felix Salmeron, Ph: 469-583-0191, Email: mar463@aol.com.

3RD BATTALION 27TH MARINES July 18–22, Dayton, OH, Contact: D. Harper, Ph: 740-624-7089, Email: dharper@stsbb.com

USMC FOX 2/7 AND H 2/1 (7/65-2/66) July 15–20, Colorado Springs, CO, Contact: Ron Gryn, Ph: 352-638-2872, Email: boatmanron@gmail.com


NAVAL AIR STATION SANFORD (ALL UNITS & SQUADRONS, 1942–1968) June 21–24, Sanford, FL, Contact: Ralph Feeback, Ph: 407-320-2252, Email: DIfrsf@aol.com

NCB/NMCB-40 (SEABEES) April 19–22, Odessa, TX, Contact: Blaine Pickett, Ph: 615-957-7418, Email: wasp18bee40@gmail.com

USS CAIMAN (SS-323) May 7–10, Little Rock, AR, Contact: Doug Smith, Ph: 360-692-8232, Email: dbfrider@comcast.net.

USS KEARSARGE (CV, CVA, CVS-33, LHD-3) April 30–May 4, Jacksonville, FL, Contact: C. V. Lindley, Ph: 850-712-4664, Email: cvjan78@gmail.com, Web: kearsargeassociation.com

USS POWER (DD-839) June 24–28, Portland, ME, Contact: John Pinto, Phone: 352-527-2352, Email: jpinto839@gmail.com

USS RICH (DD/DDE-820) May 7–11, North Little Rock, AR, Contact: Johnny Skillen, Ph: 870-692-1173, Email: reunion2018@ussrich.org, Web: ussrich.org

USS STEINAKER (DD/DDR-863) April 26–29, Virginia Beach, VA, Contact: Ken Kohnen, Ph: 904-654-7321, Email: ken.kohnen@yahoo.com, Web: usssteinaker.org

USS VREELAND (DE/FF-1068) April 26–29, Branson, MO, Contact: Mark Smith, Ph: 817-454-5051, Email: mlsmith100000@aol.com


OLD ANTARCTIC EXPLORERS ASSOCIATION (OAEA) May 9–11, San Antonio, TX, Contact: J. L. West, Ph: 210-651-3650, Email: OAEA2018reunion@aol.com


• Searching for veterans who served with the 1st Infantry Division’s Phu Loi Patrol Force 1967–1969. Contact Rick “Sgt. Rock” Rajner, 10010 Hertzfeld Rd., Waterville, OH 43566, Ph: 419-832-0705, Email: rickrajner@gmail.com.

• Searching for anyone who served with my father, SSG Ernest Edwards, in his first tour with Cos. E and H, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines 1966–67, or with him with H & S Co. or Co. M, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1969–70. Especially anyone who was also medevaced for exhaustion for operations in late Dec. and early Jan. 1970. Contact Lisa Edwards Biggs, 11 Shadow Moss Place, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582.

• Searching for anyone who can confirm that USS Southerland (DD-743) was repaired at Todd Shipyard, Long Beach, CA in 1976 and 1977. Contact Clifton Palmer McLendon at CliftonPalmerMcLendon@yahoo.com.

• Searching for crew members from USS Dahlgren DLG-12, from Jan. 1967 to Dec. 1967. Contact John Read at jread26@yahoo.com.

• Searching for Robert Kallman (wife Paula), USAID, assigned to Taipei, Taiwan, during 1970. Contact Ronald B. Purtle at RBPurtle@aol.com.

• Searching for anyone who served with me from June 1970 to June 1971 onboard the PBR Mobile Base II, TAD from NSA Saigon. Contact Roy Basilio Rios, P.O. Box 7, Rosenberg, TX 77471–0007, Ph: 979-793-6979, Email: roybrios@yahoo.com.

• Searching for anyone who was with A.T. Tow Company, 3rd Task Battalion, who remembers a jeep rollover on mountainside involving Staff Sgt. John Ayward and myself, LCpl. Matthew Nichols, around Aug. or Sept. 1980 at N.T.A. training area Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan. Officer in charge 2nd Lt. Norvell. Contact Matthew D. Nichols, 10 Venus St., Alda, NE 68810, Ph: 308-370-0523.

• Searching for any Air Force AGE mechanic 1966 through 1976 who would provide a statement that AGE duties caused routine exposure to fuel and solvent liquid and vapor by splash, spill or immersion. Also exposure to diesel exhaust fumes. Contact Stanley Walkowski, Ph: 702-372-8406, Email: stan.walkowski@cox.net.

• Searching for Bobby Robinson, a medic attached to A Company, 2/505th Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division, February to June 1967. At that time was living in Riverside, CA. Contact Spence Martin, 300 Douglas St., #108, Petaluma, CA 94952.

• Searching for team members of the 1967–68 USAF Mobile EOD Team station at Tan Son Nhut AB, RSV. Contact Terry Longpre via email at pgrterry@gmail.com.

• Searching for “Curtis” who served with me at Detachment 97, Ìzmit, Turkey, in 1975. Contact Harry C. Miller Jr., Email: HCM555@comcast.net.

• Searching for anyone who served with me in the 24th Infantry Division, July 1951 to Dec. 1952. Contact Marvin Reed, 2900 Right Hand Cyn Rd., Reno, NV 89510-9368, Ph: 775-475-0290.

• Searching for anyone who served in Vietnam with my late father George W. Pickard around 1966. He was in the USNMCB6, and I am looking for any and all information of where he was located during that time. Contact his daughter Shirley Pickard Martinez, 7 Chapman Ave., Auburn, NY 13021–4701.

• Searching for anyone from VP-63 who was assigned to the RAF at Pembroke Dock from 1943 to 1945. Contact Martin Crider at Desoto1950@att.net.

• Searching for veterans who were exposed to chemical and biological weapons while on active duty between 1966 to 1975. Contact Dan Douglas at 605-431-5336.

• Searching for Peter or Joseph Kuljus from Washington state. Served with me in 1945 on Saipan/Mariana Islands, Navy security. Contact Paul Flynn at 617-846-5230.

• Searching for anyone who was in basic training with me and assigned to Company D, 17th Bn, 5th Bde at Fort Jackson, SC, in June 1976. Contact Lillian Lee (Mason) at burneymason1@gmail.com.

• Searching for anyone who was stationed at Takhli, Thailand, 355 Field Maintenance Sq. in the aircraft sheet metal shop in 1966. Contact Edward Graf Jr. at EdwinGraf191@gmail.com.

• Searching for anyone who took flight training in Smyrna, TN, in 1944, especially those who flew B-24s with Joe Diblin. Contact Ed Zerbe, 570-286-7953.

• Searching for Malcom Inn Hill from Fort Worth, Texas, who served with me on the USS Wilkinson DL-5 between 1964 and 1966. Contact David R. Maynard, 160 Dover Drive, West Seneca, NY 14224–4643, Ph: 716-674-3215.

• Searching for anyone who served with me on Hospital Train 78 from 1944 to 1946. I was known as “Mr. Gomberg.” Call 412-441-1634 or email gemcodg@aol.com.

• Searching for anyone from Hq Co 3rd Marines that served in Vietnam from Dec. 1968 to Sept. 1969. Please respond to gunman3220@hotmail.com.

• Searching for anyone, like Chuck Jones, attached to the 346th Aviation Detachment, Vinh Long, Vietnam, 1967–68. Contact David Cummings, 48 Peachtree Lane, Levittown, PA 19054, Ph: 215-547-6972, Email: lvtndavid48@gmail.com.

• Searching for anyone who served with me in the 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry of the 1st Infantry Division, 1966–77. Contact Al Gonzalez, “Speedy” at 956-639-4645.

• Searching for Larry Jackson or anyone who served in the US Army in 1984 at Fort Knox, KY, in the Armor Basic Corps and/or anyone who served with us at Fort Benning, GA, for the Airborne Training Course. Contact Willie Sensley at 318-368-3376 or 318-245-6767.

• Searching for Lt. Jess A. Bell, 1st Lt. with Easy Company 1st or 2nd Platoon, 2nd Division. Contact Dean Fatland, Ph: 701-532-0201, Email: dsfatland@gmail.com.

• Searching for any or all who served in the 1/107 Infantry 1973–74 and two officers, Hurtado and Westfield. Contact Christopher F. Benton, 4227 8th Ave. N, Great Falls, MT 59405, Ph: 406-453-7036.

• Searching for anyone who served with me aboard the USS Force MSO 445 from Jan. 1962 to May 1965. Contact Edward Zaun, 3655 Eversholt St., Clermont, FL 34711, Ph: 352-241-4959, Email: catmaui2@gmail.com.

• Searching for survivors of soldiers who perished on Omaha Beach from June 6–8, 1944. Have important message for you. Contact Daniel Jarczynski, 449 Hamilton Park Circle, Saint Cloud, FL 34769, Ph: 386-453-0274.

• Searching for anyone who served with William (Bill) Riggs 1966–67, 368 Trans. Co. Long Bìhn Vietnam. Contact William Riggs at 310-832-2645 or by Email: willriggs2000@hotmail.com.

• Searching for any USAT Sicilien survivors or anyone with knowledge of ship that was torpedoed on June 7, 1942 in the Atlantic off of Dominican Republic. Conducting history research. Contact SSG. Flynn, Ret., Email: b105fa@yahoo.com.